T/F by the numbers…

From Pete Bland’s blog…

    If closing-night film “Homemade Hillbilly Jam” and the Big Smith concert that followed didn’t do enough to fill Columbians and other Missourians with home pride last night, the final attendance figure for True/False 2006 certainly pushed them to the brink of bursting.

    In only its third year of existence, the True/False Film Festival’s ticket sales rocketed past the 10,000 mark, reaching 10,600, organizers confirmed. That’s 4,000 more than last year, or, looking at it another way, nearly the total amount of seats sold for the inaugural event two years ago — 4,200.

    That 61 percent increase in sales from 2005 tops last year’s 57 percent rise from 2004. The final tally also far surpasses organizers’ hopes of 8,000.

    The numbers alone, however, can’t begin to convey what a cultural boon True/False has become for Columbia. I’ll attempt to get some of that across later this morning or early afternoon, as I’ll look back on the action of the final two days.

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