Sundance Day 8 – Thursday

This is the ninth in a series of Sundance Film Festival entries.

I go home Friday, and it’s a good thing too since I’m running out of sweaters, socks and patience. Thursday was a crazy shuttle fiasco. We were on the shuttle, we were off the shuttle, we were on the shuttle, we were off the shuttle. It was…sort of a nightmare.

walk to shuttle
Out the condo door on the way to the shuttle…as much at the shuttles made me wacko this year, you sure can’t beat the view.

After a frustrating day I went out to a leisurely dinner with some friends and eventually saw one last movie, at midnight, In the Pit by Juan Carlos Rulfo. The documentary tells the story of a second level being built on top of an already existing freeway in Mexico. It is beautifully shot on Super 16, 35 and DV and includes time lapse and music that deserves its own article written about it. The music is completely composed of 36 sampled construction sounds by Leo Heiblum and when it is strung together through the film it sings of hope, movement and change.

On the way out I noticed the poster for In the Pit stuck up in the lobby of the Holiday Village with the caption “the pit is the pre-text, what we encounter is life.” Too too true. The film uses the freeway as a backdrop to explore the lives and attitudes of the people building it.

I was so glad to see one more movie. After all, I only saw 11 films and the shorts program this year. Day 9 is a travel day. I’ll be home breathing a sigh of relief.

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