It’s AFI screening time again…

I am a screener for AFI Fest. That means that for the last 3 summers I have spent tons of time in front of the TV watching literally 100s of documentaries. It’s awesome, tiring, thrilling and troubling all at the same time.

How it works: AFI receives 1,000s of submissions in all catagories for the film festival. Screeners are “employed” to watch these films and then they are sent on to the programmers to see. Last year I watched over 100 films and 2 made their way into the festival. It’s definitely a process. And something I enjoy.

I just finished my 4th bag full of tapes/DVDs. There was one good one. One.

Anyone can make a movie. The challenge is to make a good one.

Tomorrow I’ll pick up another bag full. I hope there’s a gem in there.

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