Silverdocs update #1

The 4th Annual Silverdocs/AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival started Tuesday night. I had planned to go to the opening night film and party. But – well – something happened. I’ll start at the beginning. I flew in Monday. But, I stay with my Aunt and Uncle in Baltimore. It’s only a 40-minute drive to Silver Spring. Tuesday night we went to dinner based on the assumption that the opening night film, Boffo! Tinseltown’s Bombs and Blockbusters, started at 9:00. That gave us plenty of time to go eat, come home, change and make it to Silver Spring in time for the festivities. However, on our arrival home I re-checked the start time of the film and it was not 9:00, it was 7:00! There was a misprint in the program. It was too late – we would never make it in time. I was bummed, but I was also tired, so in a way it was a relief. The film, which details America’s new pastime of predicting box office results, is directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Bill Couturié and will air on HBO.

Wednesday I went with my family to visit more family and eat a world famous Cheesesteak in Philly (Pat’s or Geno’s? Neither, Jim’s!)

Yesterday I hit the festival in full force. And the next few days are just packed. Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? premieres tonight. It’s sold out – but we hear there may be a few tickets available right before the screening. Come and check it out!

I’ll try to get more festival news up later.

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