No camp for cookie…

In this instance I’m cookie.

I feel a little funny today because I’m in Los Angeles and not Park City. This is the first January since 2001 that I will not ascend the peaks of the Wasatch Mountains to attend the Sundance Film Festival. Last year on this eve before the festival began I was having dinner with my friend Harriette and discussing the herbal remedies and organic snacks we had brought to defend our bodies from the 10 day boot camp we were about the embark on. Now I’m at my home computer drinking tea and checking the weather in Park City to see what I’m missing.

The Sundance 08 program boasts many docs by people we know like Morgan Spurlock, Alex Gibney and Nanette Burstein and some newcomers too. I haven’t investigated what has distribution or not, I’ll wait for indieWIRE’s report on that and save myself a couple of hours of research. I caught a press screening this week of Trouble the Water, but I’ll respect the press holdback and wait to talk about it during the festival.

The Sundance Institute is making some announcements like their new DocSource program.

I’m also interested in the announcement of the nominees of the Inaugural Awards for Nonfiction Film.

Starting January 18th and running all 10 days of the Festival you can view one short
film each day of the Festival for free for 24 hours at

It’s quiet here and while I’ll miss seeing friends and movies and maybe catching the premiere of something important I won’t miss the hub bub of Main Street that I have often complained about in the past, the snowy cold weather and regular meal times. Sundance Channel will be airing their Festival Updates and looks like you can watch it online too. Of course the myriad of bloggers and press and everyone else will be talking about what’s new and hot in the world of independent (dare I say) cinema. And me, I’ll be in Independent Spirit Awards screenings just 5 minutes from my house catching up on 2007s movies.

Admittedly, I still saved all my party invitations in a folder labeled “Sundance 08” in my email box just in case I decide to hop a Delta flight to Salt Lake City.

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