Movie theater irritation #6

Seat kickers!

One Response to “Movie theater irritation #6”

  1. Al Steigerwald Says:

    Yes Sarah Jo, there are indeed “seat kickers”. There are also “seat rockers”. These are the people who are in constant motion during the film and have the attention span of a fruit fly. They shift, squirm and rock back and forth. Since all the seats are attached, this provides an amusement park ride for the rest of us. Then there are those who cannot differentiate between the seat in front of them and their coffee table at home. I constantly remind people that we are GUESTS of the DGA or the Writer’s Guild or AMPAS. They put their feet up on the seat in front like they were home watching Jeopardy. [Or, in their case, the Cartoon Channel.] And there are others, but, in the words of Billy Crystal: “Don’t get me started.”