JUMP! in LA Weekly today…

From today’s LA Weekly – it’s a GO pick!:

    GO JUMP! (USA) The ever-growing documentary subgenre that could be called “Schoolkids Do the Damnedest Things!” (Spellbound, Mad Hot Ballroom, et al.) has now given rise to Jump!, which details the up-and-coming school sport of competitive jump rope. Anyone who has seen a Rocky movie knows that it’s not just for girls anymore, but apparently things have reached a new level — this is jump rope in the style of You Got Served, with crazy flips, breakdance moves, and one frighteningly intense preteen named Tori who seems to know more inspirational homilies than Mike Ditka. The first big-studio producer to take this idea, cast older and sexier youths, and add a bumping soundtrack will make a bundle. Meanwhile, marvel at what the kids these days can do. (Mann Festival, Sun., June 24, 4:30 p.m., and Tues., June 26, 5 p.m.; Majestic Crest, Sat., June 30, noon) (Luke Y. Thompson)

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