Docs on TV – a catch up day…

I’m just back from San Diego Comicon recouperating from a summer cold. So I spent the weekend getting caught up on TV docs that have accumulated on my Tivo. I could write an essay praising the Tivo for its lifechanging qualities…but I’ll stick to the docs for now.

I started with HBO’s Twist of Faith A brutal look at adults who were molested by Priests as children. Then it was on to the Education of Shelby Knox on PBS POV series. And I finished it out with Sweet Honey in the Rock: Raise Your Voice from PBS American Masters series. I missed all three of these at film festivals this year. Both Twist of Faith and Shelby Knox showed at Sundance while Sweet Honey showed at AFI Silverdocs. I always find it interesting how I can catch up on these films all year long. Even if I miss a ton of films at Sundance…they usually eventually end up on my Tivo.

The photo is of the prototype for a new Ron English toy. IMG 0462 1 1 1

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