Chicken Soup for the Independent Filmmakers Soul…

I was on a panel last weekend for the LA Intensive, a sort of summer camp for students who want to break into the entertainment industry put together by the American Pavilion. One of the questions a student asked was about what books to read or own to learn more about the industry.

Patrick Gorman, Keiko Beatie, Mitch Levine, Jay Miracle, Frederick Wedler and myself came up with the following in no particular order.

The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide

Chirs Gore

Clearance and Copyright
Michael Donaldson

The Hollywood Rules

Rebel Without a Crew
Robert Rodriguez

Contracts for the Film and Television Industry
Mark Litwak

You’ll Never Eat Lunch in this Town Again
Julia Phillips

Down and Dirty Pictures
Peter Biskind

Spike, Mike, Slacker and Dykes
John Pierson

I know it’s no comprehensive list. But it’s fun to note what’s on the top of our heads. I’ve read them all except for The Hollywood Rules. So I guess I’ve got homework to do.

2 Responses to “Chicken Soup for the Independent Filmmakers Soul…”

  1. liz danahey Says:

    some more books:

    breaking in: how 20 film directors got their start

    if chins could kill (bruce campbell)

    day of the locust

    and because i’ve had time to ponder:

    fast forward: growing up in the shadow of hollywood

  2. liz danahey Says:

    oops, i meant:

    fast forward: growing up in the shadow of hollywood