39 Pounds of Love…

September 19, 2003 I had my first meeting with the guys from 39 Pounds of Love. It was a distribution consultation through IFP/Los Angeles (now Film Independent). I was so thrilled to see something great. Something at an early stage. Something I knew was going to be a hit…eventually. The director and producer met me at the IFP offices on Wilshire and we talked about the film. I was honest about what I thought and they weren’t really sure what they had yet. It’s been almost two years. We’ve had meetings, phone conversations and definitely formed friendships. Now the film has sold to HBO, has a theatrical deal and will show at IDA’s DocuWeek 7 times starting August 19th.

The film tells the story of Ami, a 34-year-old man who weighs 39 pounds due to a rare form of muscular dystrophy. He can’t move a single bone in his body except one finger. With that finger he became a digital animator. The film is inspiring and beautiful using his life and his animation to tell the story.

I am so excited to see the final cut. It has gone through many incarnations to get to this place. The subject and the filmmaker will be on hand at the festival. It will be great to finally meet Ami.

39 Pounds

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