Sundance Day 1 – Thursday

This is the first in a series of Sundance Film Festival entries. I am going to attempt to blog every day I am here.

It’s the Sundance Film Festival 2006 and it’s my 5th consecutive year attending. Every year it is different. There’s a delicate balance at Sundance, see movies, but don’t hide in the theater; go to parties, but don’t have sooo much fun you can’t wake up in the morning for movies and remember to talk to lots of people.

I am here this year doing a couple of things, while, of course maintaining the delicate balance I just mentioned. I am seeing documentaries and covering the festival for Documentary Magazine (formerly International Documentary Magazine), I am meeting people and talking up At Risk Films and the docs I represent and of course, I’m maintaining this blog.

Thursday is technically the first day of the festival. We’ll call it Day 1 for our purposes. And in my case Day 1 is a travel day and this year included no films for me. Instead I spent the evening preparing my schedule, unpacking and getting generally settled, resting up and gearing up for….Day 2.

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