AFI Fest Day 7 – bad words and bad wars…

There’s just something funny about people saying, “Have you seen FUCK?” “Last night I saw FUCK and I liked it!” “I really…uh…wanted to see…excuse my language…uhhh…FUCK yesterday…sorry again, but I couldn’t make it.” And really, that’s the point of the movie. What is so bad about a word? Who says it’s bad? What makes a bad word a bad word and what makes it so good for so many things! The film, FUCK or F**K as it said on the marquee at the Arclight, is entertaining, fun even. The film includes great animation sequences by Bill Plympton, interviews with Billy Connolly, Janeane Garofalo, Dennis Prager, Ms. Manners, Ron Jeremy and surprising images of present and past presidents flipping “the bird”, plus countless (I’m sure somebody counted) movie and TV clips and about 800 mentions of the work fuck. Okay so it’s a little salacious, but ultimately, that’s what makes it fun.

Refugee All Stars is the second refugee film of the festival and makes for an interesting contrast with Tuesday night’s Back to Bosnia. The Refugee All Stars band is made up of 6 Sierra Leonean musicians living as refugees in the West African nation of Guinea. Their homeland was riddled with a brutal civil war from 1991-2002 and they found themselves in refugee camps playing music to help heal themselves and their people from the tragedies they lived through. The film is emotional and mostly due to the music that fills it and their passion to write, play, perform and even record it. A party followed and 3 of the Refugee All Stars were there to perform their heartfelt tunes. You can buy their CD at their website and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the band.

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  1. David Kurtz Says:

    I just watched the Refugee All Stars DVD yesterday and it was great, heartbreaking, and encouraging. We’re probably going to feature these guys in HOB’s next installment of Ones to Watch, including a podcast interview.

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