Life is not Black.White.

Black.White. premieres tonight on F/X. I went the premiere a couple of weeks ago and it is so engrossing I would have sat there for all 6 hours of it if they showed it back to back. Instead I just watched the one episode and then sat through the most intense question and answer session – EVER. The show takes a white family and makes them up like a black family and takes a black family and makes them up like a white family. Then they live together in a house in the San Fernando Valley and share their experiences. Black.White. is the second original documentary series by F/X (the first was Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days – now gearing up for its second season). The show is executive produced by RJ Cutler, Ice Cube and Matt Alvarez and truly proves that race still matters in America today. Set your TiVo.

Download the new Ice Cube video.

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