IDA Oscar Night…

This evening I attended the International Documentary Association 24th Annual Celebration of Academy Awards Documentary Nominees. It’s always a lovely affair. There were appetizers to start and then we were ushered into the Samuel L. Goldwyn for an evening hosted by Sandra Tsing Loh, self-proclaimed “documentary stalker.”

flooding in
The last of the attendees head for the theater.

A new IDA logo reel is revealed with little fanfare.

Loh brought up diane estelle Vicari, the 11th president of the IDA. Then Michael Apted got up and stressed the importance of seeing documentaries in theaters, having that group response saying, “laughing, crying, angry or awestruck, you’re doing it together.” He finished his brief introduction by saying, “Thank you filmmakers and whatever happens on Sunday you’ve all won.”

After Sandra Ruch, IDA’s executive director and Michael Zakula from Kodak (the evening’s major sponsor) Sandra Tsing Loh introduced each Oscar nominated film and brought up the filmmakers to say a few words. Here are a few quotes from the night:

    “I want to thank my wife for being so patient. As documentary filmmakers I’m sure you know it takes a while.” Craig Tanner editor, God Sleeps in Rwanda

    “Cinema becomes the incredible language that speaks more than any words can speak.” Hubert Sauper, Darwin’s Nightmare

    “Documentaries are about watching and listening.” Alex Gibney, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

    “Emperor penguins have a secret. The secret of peace, of beauty, of serenity and I am proud to share this beauty with you.” March of the Penguins

    “You teach us about weird fish and cute penguins…” Dana Adam Shapiro, Murderball

    “My wife leaned over and asked me if the IDA would start a support group for spouses.” Marshall Curry, Street Fight

We watched the clips, we heard the speeches and it was time to file back into the Academy lobby for cookies and coffee. “What an f’ing fantastic group of films. I won’t say the real word, but that’s what I mean,” Sandra Tsing Loh said before everyone bolted for dessert. Not to sound like a complete lovefest, but I couldn’t agree more.

Here are a few more photos from the night…

kat crew
Kat McPhee, Nicole Renna , Colin Gray & Meg Aarons of the Freedom’s Fury crew.

marshall and elizabeth
Oscar nominated Marshall Curry (Street Fight) and his wife Elizabeth Martin.

Sandra Tsing Loh with IDA prez diane estelle Vicari, executive director Sandra Ruch, board member Barbara Gregson, IDA magazine editor Tom White and board member Tom Miller.

3 Responses to “IDA Oscar Night…”

  1. Bob Niemack Says:

    Sara Jo –

    Great article! Great shots! I loved remembering the event through YOUR eyes. Sandra Tsing Loh said she enjoyed the evening so much, she’s going to feature it on her next “Loh Down” on KPCC. Stay tuned!


  2. Bob Niemack Says:

    Sara Jo –
    As promised! Sandra Tsing Loh, WILL report on her experience as the host of the International Documentary Association’s 24th Annual IDA Academy Award Reception.

    Tune it to the “Lohdown” on KPCC, 89.3 FM
    Thursday, March 9th,2006
    7:07 AM and 2:40 PM.

  3. Sarah Jo Says:

    Bob –

    Thanks for the update. I’ll be listening.


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